Six-Month Smiles – 10 Compelling Reasons Why Six-Month Smiles Could Be Right For You

Apr 08, 2021
Six-Month Smiles – 10 Compelling Reasons Why Six-Month Smiles Could Be Right For You
If you’re suffering from crooked teeth you’re well aware of how they can affect your appearance.

If you’re suffering from crooked teeth you’re well aware of how they can affect your appearance. What you may not know quite so much about, however, is how they can affect your oral health. Crooked teeth trap bacteria and particles of food, making it difficult to clean them properly. This, in turn, can lead to gum disease and in severe cases tooth loss. This is why straightening crooked teeth is one of the best decisions you can make.

Six-Month Smiles adopts a modern approach to teeth straightening that uses advanced technology with the best aspects of fixed braces to quickly correct just the teeth that show when you smile. The name probably gives you a clue to the fact that treatment can be completed within a timeframe of six months in most cases. Here are 10 compelling reasons that Six Month Smiles may be a good match for you.

1. Comfort

With any type of orthodontic work, there is an element of discomfort. But since Six Month Smiles focuses just on the teeth that are visible in the smile line, it means that brackets and wires are placed on these teeth alone rather than all of the teeth in the mouth which makes the treatment more comfortable. Also, the materials used for this type of brace are lighter and finer, reducing friction and tension.

2. Faster Results

Six Month Smiles provides speedy results for those patients whose main concern is the cosmetic appearance of the teeth that show when they smile. Because they can correct crooked and crowded teeth quickly, it makes them a convenient choice for anyone looking to have straighter teeth in time for a special event such as graduation day or a wedding.

3. Improved oral hygiene

It can be difficult to brush and floss your teeth when wearing convention fixed braces which often puts patients at risk of tooth decay and cavities especially considering they are worn on average for 12 to 18 months and often longer. With Six Month Smiles, the braces are only on for a few months which means less risk of tooth decay and cavities and faster resumption of good oral health.

4. Discreet treatment

Six Month Smiles are designed to be more discreet than conventional metal braces and are supplied with tooth-colored brackets archwires that blend in seamlessly with the smile. Patients will less self-conscious around other people when smiling and laughing since their braces are relatively discreet.

5. Treats several issues

Six Month Smiles is a light and unobtrusive braces treatment that can correct several minor dental issues including slight overbites and underbites, small gaps between the teeth, crowded teeth, crossbites and mild misalignments. While it can help to achieve a perfectly straight smile it cannot improve your bite (only a fixed metal brace can do that). In addition to enhancing your smile, it can also improve confidence and self-esteem allowing you to smile without worrying about your teeth.

6. Treats adults and teens

While Six Months Smile is mostly geared towards adults looking to straighten their teeth fast, it can also be used on teens wanting to improve the cosmetic appearance of their teeth.

7. Utilises low force

A key feature of Six Month Smiles braces is that they use nickel-titanium self-litigating archwires. This means they exert continual but gentle pressure to gradually coax the teeth into alignment.

8. Excellent results

Six Smile Smiles is capable of producing the same excellent results as conventional metal braces only faster.

9. Cost-Effective

Naturally, the cost of any orthodontic treatment is determined by its complexity and duration. Six Months Smiles is a gentle procedure that can be completed in 4 to 9 months at most and requires fewer adjustments and fewer dental visits. This fact alone makes it more cost-effective than conventional fixed braces treatment.

10. Custom made

Customised treatment throughout means that every patient’s unique dental needs are catered to which means appointments are quick and comfortable and treatment is hassle-free.

Do you want to straighten your smile?

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