Is 6 Month Smiles Right for You?

May 28, 2018
Is 6 Month Smiles Right for You?
If you’re looking for faster ways to straighten teeth then you may have come various dentists offering 6 Month Smiles in Chesterfield.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of 6 Month Smiles

If you’re looking for faster ways to straighten teeth then you may have come various dentists offering 6 Month Smiles in Chesterfield. This is a type of accelerated orthodontics which uses a clear brace to straighten teeth in, yes, you’ve guessed right, 6 months or less! It achieves fast results because it focuses on straightening front teeth and tackling cosmetic issues. This type of orthodontic treatment is popular with older teens and adults who want more discreet teeth straightening options within a short time frame. While 6 month smiles may seem like the perfect solution, it’s important to understand that for any orthodontic treatment that’s completed in 6 months or less, there’s normally some kind of trade-off. So to help you decide whether this type of cosmetic teeth straightening is right for you, we’ve put together some pros and cons of 6 Month Smiles in Chesterfield.


Speed The selling point of this treatment is mainly the speed at which results can be achieved. Complete orthodontic treatment which involves straightening all of the teeth and correcting the bite takes between 12-18 months whereas the 6 Month Smiles procedure is usually completed within 6 months. This isn’t because it’s moving your teeth faster but because it’s only straightening the front teeth which show when you smile. Discretion 6 Month Smiles is designed to be as discreet as possible so it uses transparent brackets and wires which are color matched to blend in seamlessly with your teeth. Clear braces are popular with adults in particular and at Chesterfield Dentistry, we use them for both short-term and comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Affordability Accelerated orthodontics typically costs less than comprehensive orthodontic treatments. This may be reflected in the price of your brace, the length of your treatment, or even the skill of your dentist. When comparing other treatments and providers, it’s best to carry out some research to find out just what’s included in your treatment.


Compromised results Because accelerated orthodontics such as 6 Month Smiles only straighten your front teeth it won’t improve the way your teeth bite together and in some cases, it can actually make your bite worse. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment, on the other hand, straightens teeth and improves the bite and function. Results not as anticipated Sometimes patients are disappointed with the end results because they weren’t made fully aware of the limitations of 6 Month Smiles. In other words, the results of their treatment didn’t match their expectations. In cases like these, the only option is for the patient to undergo a second treatment, which is both time-consuming and more costly. To ensure our patients are delighted with their orthodontic treatment, we always ensure that they’re given all of the relevant information during a consultation. What’s more, we’re happy to answer any questions and address any issues they may have during this time. To sum up, if you’re looking for a speedy way to straighten your front teeth for a special occasion, say, and aren’t overly concerned about improving your bite, then we’d have no hesitation in recommending 6 Month Smiles in Chesterfield. You might even want to treat yourself to a teeth whitening treatment to enhance your brand new smile. If you’re interested to learn more about accelerated orthodontics and to find out whether you’re a suitable candidate then why not call Chesterfield Dentistry on 314 469 6429 today to book your consultation.