ClearCorrect Aligners – Are They Really As Good As Invisalign?

Feb 13, 2019
ClearCorrect Aligners – Are They Really As Good As Invisalign?
If you’re considering clear aligners as a tooth straightening option then it’s good to know you have choices.

If you’re considering clear aligners as a tooth straightening option then it’s good to know you have choices. While there are several types of clear plastic aligners available, research shows that both ClearCorrect and Invisalign are the most popular. At present and according to Forbes, Invisalign has around 80% of the North America clear aligner market. Their products are used in roughly 8% of the 3 million orthodontic cases in the US every year. However, Invisalign recently reached their expiry term times on over 40 patents which initially protected how Invisalign digitally planned and manufactured clear aligners. As such, it’s given brands like ClearCorrect (who have themselves been trading since FDA approval in 2009) a chance to play catch-up, and ‘catching up’ they are! It’s estimated that ClearCorrect now have around one quarter of the adult clear orthodontic market to date (resulting in total over 1.5 million sales) but even with those impressive figures, are they really as good as Invisalign. The only way to find out is to do a ‘like for like’ comparison. So let’s dive in and do exactly that…

ClearCorrect vs Invisalign – A Comparison

Both ClearCorrect and Invisalign aligners are designed to straighten teeth without the need for unsightly brackets and wire, however they’re not identical and there are some important differences you might want to take into consideration. Understanding those differences should help you make a better informed choice.

Clear aligners cost

It used to be that ClearCorrect had the edge on cost. This was primarily because they have 3 options:

  • Limited 6 – Where a patient could buy just 6 aligners for minor tooth adjustments
  • Limited 12 -Where the price includes 12 digitally manufactured aligners, and
  • Unlimited – Where the patient pays for as many aligners as it takes to complete their treatment.

This gave patients the option to pay less for minor tooth movements should they wish to (often with a starting price of as little as $2000). Invisalign however also began to develop and expand their range. As such, products including

  • Invisalign Express 5
  • Invisalign i7
  • Express 10 and
  • Invisalign Lite

…means that patients choosing Invisalign can now opt for lesser treatments which fall in line with equal price points similar to those of ClearCorrect. Clear aligner thickness Perhaps where ClearCorrect aligners do have the edge on their competitor is in their appearance. Each aligner is fashioned from a thinner and more transparent form of plastic than Invisalign use, making them a solid choice for those citing discreetness as their number one priority. However, Invisalign are fighting back with their new Smart-Track material which is designed to be more comfortable and gentler than previous incarnations. While Invisalign say that “it’s their best aligner yet” in terms of comfort and fit, Clear Correct suggest that they have “the thinnest and most discreet trays available” so for patients at least, they should consider what they see as a priority –the very best fit or ultimate discreetness. What about results? While Invisalign has longevity on their side, (they’ve been trading since 1997) there is no evidence to suggest that ClearCorrect aligners fair any worse than Invisalign. In fact, ClearCorrect aligners can pretty much treat every tooth condition that Invisalign can. So, if you have a mild to medium orthodontic problem including:

  • Gappy teeth
  • An overbite
  • An underbite
  • Tooth overcrowding or

…there’s a good chance that either ClearCorrect or Invisalign will do a good job of restoring your smile. So there you have it. ClearCorrect aligners vs Invisalign – a direct comparison! As you can see there are many similarities between the two systems but there are a few few small differences, so as a patient making an informed choice, it might be worth weighing up your personal pros and cons of each. Here at Chesterfield Dentistry, we’re a leading provider of ClearCorrect orthodontic aligners in St Louis, Missouri, so why don’t you come and talk to Dr Melba Akinwande and the team about your tooth straightening options today? Call us on (314) 786 3360 to book a consultation.