Chesterfield Invisalign

Jan 01, 2017
Chesterfield Invisalign
Orthodontic treatments are long synonymous with children and young teens sporting metal ‘train-track’ style braces.

Orthodontic treatments are long synonymous with children and young teens sporting metal ‘train-track’ style braces. However with advancements in technology and innovation, modern-day brace systems for adults in particular are more discreet, more comfortable, and more accepted than ever before. One such system is clear aligners.

Like all other brace systems clear aligners used to correct and realign crooked or overcrowded teeth – but that’s where the similarities end. Gone are the fixed brackets and wiring that typify the vast majority of orthodontic treatments in favor of a series of clear removable acrylic aligners which are designed to be worn over the teeth. Because the aligners (also known as trays) are clear they’re virtually invisible to anyone but the wearer – hence the name!

So how do they work?

For the duration of the treatment a patient is expected to wear one aligner for approximately two weeks. Although designed to be fully and easily removable, each tray needs to be worn for a minimum of 20 hours a day for best results. In fact the only time it should be taken out is when eating, drinking, and cleaning the teeth. It’s worn over the teeth like a gum shield and each aligner is designed to move the teeth a fraction of an inch before the next one in the series takes over. The idea being that by the time the trays are exhausted, the teeth are realigned to their correct position and the treatment is complete. Of course being free from a permanently fixed appliance means that patients don’t have to change their diet as they might have to with conventional ‘bracket and wiring’ style braces, making it a hassle-free treatment that fits in with busy lives.


Am I a good candidate for Clear aligner treatment?

If you suffer with crooked or crowded teeth and would like to improve your smile, then come and talk to Dr Akinwande. We’ll give you all the information you need, allowing you to make a fully informed dental decision.

How long does treatment last?

The vast majority of people achieve their ideal smile within 1-2 years however this does depend on the severity of your condition. During this time patients can expect to make occasional trips back to our dental office so that the team can monitor your progress.

What about post treatment care?

Once treatment is complete patients won’t require any ongoing care. That said, for best results it’s advisable for people to wear a retainer at night to ensure that the teeth stay in position. In addition it’s also important to pay us a visit every 6 months or so for regular check-ups and cleaning.

If you’re considering adult orthodontics but are put off by having a metal smile, then come and talk to us about clear aligners. We offer both Clear correct and Invisalign. To book a consultation contact us on (314) 469 6429 and take the first steps towards achieving your perfect smile.