Chesterfield 6-month Braces

Jan 23, 2017
If you’re looking for an innovative alternative to conventional metal braces then look no further than Six Month Smiles.

If you’re looking for an innovative alternative to conventional metal braces then look no further than Six Month Smiles. Metal braces have long been the standard for orthodontic treatments in children and teenagers to correct bite problems, bite alignment, and overcrowding. However for the many US adults looking to get straighter teeth it presents a problem.

While most children aged between 9 and 14 aren’t overly concerned about the appearance of metal style braces, many adults are. In fact the majority of adults who desire straighter teeth are understandably reluctant to wear them. This is where Six Month Smiles can help.

This revolutionary system combines the powerful results of tried and tested metal appliances with the subtlety of tooth-colored brackets and wiring, resulting in a discreet orthodontic treatment. What’s more, and unlike conventional full-term appliances, Six Month Smiles can correct and realign visible upper and lower teeth within six months or less.


Am I a good candidate for Six Month Smiles?

If you’re 15 years of age or over, and are looking to cosmetically improve your smile due to imperfections with your teeth, then we invite you to come and have a consultation with us. Our experienced team will give you a thorough oral examination to see whether Six Month Smiles braces are a suitable solution for you.

What should I expect during treatment?

After an initial consultation patients are called back to our dental office to have their braces fitted. This initial visit is the longest because the appliance has to be fitted and tested for comfort and we also like to take you through cleaning and oral hygiene procedures. After this, patients are requested to return for occasional visits so that we can monitor ongoing progress. When treatment is complete (usually somewhere between 4-6 months) the patient is called back for the removal of the appliance. This is pain free and quick. Finally, patients are advised to wear a retainer in order to maintain the correct alignment of teeth.

What about lifestyle modifications during treatment?

We advise patients to go about their normal daily lives but they should avoid hard/gummy foods for the duration of the treatment. This includes whole raw fruits and/or raw vegetables, nuts, popcorn, bubble gum, and candies. In fact any foods which are likely to stick to cause problems with the appliance.

To find out more information about Six Month Smiles treatment or if you’d like to book a consultation with Dr Akinwande and the team, call us on (314) 469 6429 today.